Garage Band in the Classroom!

Hello all, I hope that you are enjoying this beautiful spring weather. The end of my third semester as a high school music teacher is rapidly approaching. Funny how time has flown by, I still remember that feeling confusion when my alarm went off at 6 am last September after a summer of traveling and playing music. I've learned so much from my students this year, and look forward to what the rest of the term has in store.

Recently I've been attempting to share my love of production with my classes by using the GarageBand app for iOS in the classroom. I've found that using GarageBand is a great way to give my students hands on experience without having a classroom full of instruments at my disposal. One thing that has really stuck with me this year is how much my students lives revolve around youTube. I had the pleasure of bringing in some friends to play for my students a few weeks ago and the most frequently asked question was "Is your music on youTube?". If my singing career ever does begin then I'm releasing my music on youTube first!

Giving my students a familiar way to digest information I've created a series of short youTube videos where I describe all of the GarageBand assignments for this semester. Here is a link to my page, BoykinsFDR. Please feel free to browse the video's as well as the playing examples that I created for my piano class. Feedback is much appreciated!